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false bay writer’s cabin/olson kundig architects

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Little Lost Cabin

Small Houses Swoon

notice no phone, no tv, no computer - just miles and miles of scenery and fishing




Some cool small homes

Small home infatuation

Tiny House Initiative picking up speed.

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Style Icon: Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla Nciza.

I just can’t let the month of August - Women’s Month in South Africa - go by without dedicating a few posts to my favourite women of Mzansi.

After a year of some serious hit-making with fellow artist Theo Kgosinkwe under the moniker ‘Mafikizolo’, in what I believe to me one of the best musical comebacks of all time, singer, songwriter, wife, mother and one half of one of the continent’s most popular groups, Nhlanlha Nciza is also a certified style icon. To call her any less would, at the very least, be an understatement.

Much like the genre of music Mafikizolo makes, Nciza’s style is a unique blend of various traditional African influences mixed with bits of contemporary African and Western fashions.

Although the band have always had an air of glamour and sophistication about them dating as far back as their Kwela, Van Toeka Af and Sibongiledays, where they channeled Sophiatown and took inspiration from other 20th century fashions, Nciza’s style has never been so bold, with her adoption of beautifully loud colours, and so distinctly representative of parts of the African continent - whether she’s wearing a gele, ankara styles common in West and Central African countries, jewelry inspired by East or Southern African cultures, silhouettes, prints, patterns and textiles from all over Africa. Not to mention how consistent her looks have been in all of their recent music videos, live performances and red carpet appearances.

But the best thing about Nhlanhla Nciza’s style has to be that, aside from looking flawless all the time, no one else can pull off what she does in the way that she does it.

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The Aero-Engine’d “Miss Detroit III” Wooden Speedboat

Curtiss Model V-4 V12 Engine, Photos by Michael McBride

The restoration of this massive 1650 cubic inch beast can be seen here

Thomas Sankara was a Burkinabé military captain, Marxist revolutionary, pan-Africanist theorist, and President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987. During the Organization of African Unity Summit of 1987, Sankara delivers a speech entitled “Against Debt” in which he calls upon African nations to refuse to pay debts imposed by international imperialist powers. [Link]

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The United States of America From Alaska’s Point of View [1175x812]


Gentlemen, take heed. Our children are getting soft. Not just wimpy, or less sharp, but doughy. And pale, too. As the generation that has overseen childhood obesity levels quadruple and the induction of nature deficit disorder, we should be ashamed.

What happened to childhood? It’s turned into on-the-job training for overworked, overachieving, and overstuffed future stroke and heart attack victims, shielded from what should be the best days of their lives by a hyper-competitive culture and paranoia towards unfounded, statistically improbable dangers.”

Even as we spend our days like perfectionist fairy godmothers floating above our children—trying from birth to sculpt Baby Einsteins, constantly dousing them with sanitizer, sourcing single origin organic whole foods, ensconcing them in bubble wrap and armored accoutrements just to teach them to ride a tricycle—we are still fucking blowing it on a fundamental level. All this overly-compensated smothering is just leading to a population of wimpy, binge-drinking stalkers who can’t cope with day-to-day life, spiraling towards a lifetime of prescription medication Band-Aids.

Our control freak quest to provide the perfect childhood and produce the perfect child is backfiring. Or worse: It is just making our kids hurt themselves.

15% of college students now experience from chronic anxiety, self-mutilation is rampant, affecting 15% of all adolescents, and 40% of women in college will suffer from anorexia or bulimia, all in an attempt at exerting some form of control over their own lives. This same innate need to be their own person is a leading cause of over-drinking, which reduces the above anxiety and also requires little to no social skills; and that same lack of social skills and experience with relationship development leads to stalking and violence. 

What’s that saying about the road to Hell’s pavement again?”

Read on: The Kids Are Not Alright


How often is each US state mentioned in a song lyric? [829x435][OC]








Farrakhan does not fear man. Amen.


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How to passionately respond to American ethnocentrism. This guy has some amazing points, and if you find the need to argue him, I’d recommend investigating ethnocentrism, and aversive racism.

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